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Photography Session Information

Our Farm makes a beautiful backdrop for your photography needs (engagement sessions, bride & groom shoots, baby bump photos, family pictures, senior portraits, etc.).  

*Photography sessions are by appointment only. 

*Our base usage fee is $50/session and each session includes UP TO 2 hours of time on the property.

*We have an online calendar and scheduling system where clients book their photo appointments at our home. The link to that calendar is provided by your photographer (if they've been vetted by us), or via text by Courtney (contact info below), once a few things have been verified.


Important for Photographers:

*We require that you carry liability insurance for your photography business to be able to shoot at our home.


*We ask that your CLIENTS be the ones to book their appointments with us online, not you. This ensures they have read and agreed to our rules, as well as agreed to and virtually signed our liability waiver ahead of time.


*Your client's booking allows up to 2 hours of time. If more than 2 hours is needed for a session, please let us know ahead of time and we can make arrangements (there is an additional charge for more time).


*The appointment time booked with us by your client is the time they, and you, are expected to arrive. We set the appointment times based on what will give the best lighting window, but also based on what works well for our own personal and professional schedules.


"Mini Sessions" shoots or "Large Group" shoots require prior permission + special arrangements and pricing, as well.           

-Groups of more than eight: there will be an additional $25 charge upon booking

-Groups of 15 or more: you'll need to discuss with Courtney to make sure we can accommodate that many on the date you desire.

-Multiple clients sharing one two-hour booking or "Mini Sessions" are priced based on number of client groups and amount of time needed (if more than two hours). Currently, the pricing is as follows:

     2 client groups = $75

     3 to 4 client groups = $100

     5 to 6 client groups = $125


*Due to the number of requests we get for photo session appointments, we book multiple overlapping appointments. We are cautious with numbers so as not to overcrowd you and your clients, or our home. With 13.5 acres there is plenty of space for you to rotate around each other during your shoots. Please be respectful toward one another and work cooperatively together so everyone can get the shots they desire within their allotted time frame.


*We recommend bringing a pop-up changing room + a small wagon of some sort. Almost all of our 13.5 acres is available to you for shooting, which means a lot of ground is covered. It's nice to give your clients the ability to carry their outfit options with them (in your wagon) and change on-the-spot rather than having to go back and forth to their car.


You've Booked Your Appointment... What to Expect:

*Please note, we do not open our gate for photography sessions until 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled check-in time.

We are a private property- this is our home- and with the many sessions we book all year, our closed times are sacred to us. Not to mention, we are a working farm with lots of daily chores needing to be done, as well as projects going on constantly that must be accomplished during our "off-season" and "off hours."

If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, enjoy a scenic drive in the beautiful Placer County countryside.

-We ask that you do not park in/block our driveway as many of our family members are regularly coming and going.

-We ask that you do not park in/block our neighbors driveway.

-Be advised that we live on a very busy road with blind hills, no shoulders, and people drive FAST. Do not try to pull off on the side of the road in front of our property as that will put you and others in danger.


*For parking and check-in, please follow the signs to the lavender shop (on the other side of the pond from our entrance). DRIVE SLOWLY! Our grandkids are often running around on our property, we have free range chickens, dogs, and cats roaming about. Not to mention there may already be other photographers and their clients on the premises as you are driving in.


*When you've parked, please wait near your car for your photographer to connect with you.

All parties are required to sign our hold harmless/risk assumption form. You did this virtually when you booked your appointment online with us. If, for some reason, your photographer booked the session on your behalf, you will need to sign our waiver before you begin your session.


*Parents with toddlers and young children, please keep them in-hand at ALL times. We have two large bodies of water on the property, dangerous equipment, and large unpredictable animals...we want everyone to enjoy their experience, but safety first.


*Please do not enter enclosures with any of our animals, for your safety and theirs. (The animals are VERY tempting to kids...parents, please enforce this request). The horses, ponies, and goats are quite good at nibbling unsuspecting fingers, looking for treats.


*If bringing a dog to be in photos, please be sure you have indicated this when booking your appointment online with us. If you have not, please reach out and let us know ahead of time. Your dog MUST be on a leash BEFORE getting out of the car and they need to remain on the leash for the duration of your session. And, as this is our home, we ask that you bring bags to clean up after your dog.


*Please respect our family's privacy by keeping a courteous distance from our homes (including the outdoor extensions of the homes...porches, outdoor living spaces, enclosed yards, and gardens).


*No smoking, drinking alcohol, or littering (and please no confetti during celebratory shoots).


Rescheduling & Cancellations: 

*The base $50 fee is nonrefundable so please make sure you and your photographer are in agreement before booking.


*We require at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment (unless we are communicating regarding weather conditions on the day of your scheduled session). This is a courtesy to us as we plan both personal and work schedules around photo appointments. This is also a courtesy to others whose request for your date and time was denied. If canceling within 24 hours of your appointment time, payment will not be applied to your rescheduled date.

Your rescheduled appointment must take place within 30 days from your originally booked date.


*We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Call or text Courtney at 916-316-4169 for questions, booking link, notice of cancellation or rescheduling.